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CMAT is a global pop star. She no longer lives in Dublin with her grandparents. She is still recovering from an AliExpress addiction, amongst a number of other things. And she is about to release her second album, ‘Crazymad, For Me’ - the greatest album in the history of the world about relationships, regrets and time travel. Includes the singles 'Whatever's Inconvenient' and 'Have Fun!


  1. California
  2. Phone Me
  3. Vincent Kompany
  4. Such A Miranda
  5. Rent
  6. Where Are Your Kids Tonight? (feat. John Grant)
  7. Can't Make Up My Mind
  8. Whatever's Inconvenient
  9. I... Hate Who I Am When I'm Horny
  10. Torn Apart
  11. Stay For Something
  12. Have Fun!